The Chicken Soup Express will continue running starting August 26th, 2024.

When you’re feeling down and in bed, too sick to get up and out to class, Chabad is here for you! Fill out this quick form and we’ll be right over with some chicken soup – the best medicine. We know it’s true; your grandmother said so!

 This is a free service. Donations are deeply appreciated and can be made using the form below.

 –Chicken soup is delivered Monday – Friday only. Orders received by 2 PM EST Monday – Friday will be contacted for delivery on that day. Any orders after 4 PM will be delivered the next day.

-There are no soup deliveries pas 2 PM on Fridays, on Saturdays, or on Jewish holidays.

-Deliveries are available on a first come, first served basis, but you will be contacted on the next available delivery day.

-Unfortunately, vegatarian or vegan options are currently not available.

-Please note that this service runs completely by students and volunteers. Orders received by 2 PM will all be delivered that day, but may not be immediately delivered at the time of the order. Please allow 24 hours for your soup to be delivered. Thank you for your understanding!

 Please note: This program is only for current KU students. Deliveries are made during the KU school calendar, during the Fall and Spring semester, and deliveries are not active during school breaks.

 If you would like to donate to our campaign through Paypal or Venmo, please disregard the donation form below and use the following id’s with the description being Chicken soup to send your donation directly to us:

-Paypal: chabadku@gmail.com

-Venmo: KU-chabad