Synagogue Services

    At Chabad, we offer ongoing Shabbat and holiday services that are joyous, engaging and uplifting. You will feel right at home with our warm friendly atmosphere, lively singing, ongoing prayer and Torah insights.

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    Weekly Services

    Chabad hosts a daily prayer service at 9:30am, open to all.

    Special Sunday morning Service at 9:30 followed by Bagels and Lox Breakfast.

    Shabbat Service:

    Join our lively Shabbat morning service, full of song and joy.

    Hear a short thought between each Aliya, and a sermon from the Rabbi which is both spiritual and connected to the current events with a timely message.

    The service is followed by a sit down Kiddush Luncheon @ 12:30 pm, including Challah, fish, salads, and a gourmet Shabbat Dish, called “Cholent” prepared by our very own culinary staff. All are invited to participate

    Friday Night Live:
    Joyous Shabba Evening Service at 6:30pm, followed by gala Shabbat Dinner FREE for Students. Click here for more info.

    Shabbat Day:
    Every Saturday there is an in-depth Kabballah class at 10am followed by inspiring Shabbat Service.