Dear Parents,

Welcome to Chabad at University of Kansas!

It is a great pleasure to introduce ourselves as Zalman and Nechama Tiechtel. We are the co-directors of the Chabad Student Center at KU, which we established with the goal of serving as a “Home Away From Home” for every Jewish student at KU. Over the years, our family of students has grown tremendously and we are so excited to have your beloved child join our extended family.

No doubt there are so many worries and concerns about how your dear child will manage during the years ahead. You may be worried about how they will manage away from home and far from everything familia…Or perhaps you wonder where they may be for the High Holidays, for Shabbat Dinners or to find a group of friends… (Disclaimer: If you do worry about this, you’re normal… worrying is a Jewish gene 😉 We get it!!)

We are therefore writing you this letter to reassure you that Chabad is here to be a “home away from home” and a safe space where your child can connect, Schmooze and spend time with fellow Jewish students. Whether for some delicious Matzah ball soup when under the weather, homey Shabbat dinners, volunteering and educational opportunities or just for a shoulder to lean on, we are committed to caring for your child 24/7.

Please know that we are here for you and for your child for ANYTHING needed during this incredible journey during their four years at KU. Your child has gained an incredible family…and a place to call home.

Please be in touch with us (our cell phone numbers are below) with any concerns or questions and let us know how we can be of assistance to your family, anytime.


Rabbi Zalman and Nechama Tiechtel

Zalman: Rabbi@Jewishku.com | (785) 917-0200

Nechama: Nechama@jewishku.com | (785) 917-0300

P.S. All services and programs are free of charge. Donations are deeply appreciated and welcomed. Please note: your gift is 100% tax-deductible.

Chicken Soup Express

Oy Vey!! My Child is Sick? Or Just Feeling Sad and Could Use a Pick-Me-Up?

We know how challenging it can be for a parent to be far away from their kid when they need it most. That’s why we are committed to fill-in for you and deliver them a piping hot bowl of home-made chicken soup to help them get better!

Happy Birthday

Want to celebrate with your child for his or her birthday? We offer you the opportunity to order a cake, sponsor a Shabbat dinner, and send a special message for your child. Let them know you care.

The dinner, or the cake will be personalized for your child’s birthday with decorations, celebration and more. Your special message will be read to your child and his or her friends on the Shabbat of or before your child’s birthday. Just email rabbi@jewishku.com and we will make it happen!

Visiting Lawrence?

Are you visiting your child for the weekend? Or just for the day? Give us a call and let us know you’re in town. We’ll be glad to set up an appointment to meet you and introduce ourselves.

Become a Partner with Chabad at KU!

Partner with us and make a real different in the lives of our beloved students. There are so many ways that you can become part of our vital work. You can customize your charitable giving to give a one-time gift, or generate regular, convenient and secure ongoing gifts. This can be done via your debit or credit card, paypal, venmo, cashapp, ACH or a check.


Thank you for your support, which means a lot to all of the students.