Kosher for Passover Dining Program
for Students at KU

Want to keep Kosher for Passover?
Sign up for the only Kosher for Passover Dining at KU.
Don’t live on macaroons all Passover!
We will provide you with fresh Lunch & Dinner every day of Passover!

Prior reservation and payment is required in order to join the meal plan. Our chef and kitchen crew must now how many to prepare for!

* All meals are served open house style. Stop to sit and eat or pack up food to go.

* Every meal is $10 per meal. Select below which meals you plan on joining.

* Or $$$SAVE$$$ by signing up for all the 17 Passover Meals:
PRE-PAY FOR ALL PASSOVER MEALS: ONLY $100 (that’s a $70 savings!)

(All of our meals are subsidized by generous donors to keep costs down)